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Sweet Apple Farms is located in Southwest Alabama near Livingston. In 1993, construction began on the first lakes at Sweet Apple Farms. The objective was simple - build the best largemouth bass lakes possible. Cut no corners, be patient, and be second to none when the Farm opened to public fishing.

As early as 1999, professional consultants felt the largemouth bass had reached a size and number to immediately make Sweet Apple Farms one of the top places in the country to fish. But if 1999 was successful, then a few more years of "seasoning" would be even better still.

The first largemouth bass weighing over 14 lb was caught in 1999. Later that year, three separate lakes recorded catches in excess of the first 14 lb fish.

Recently, one fishing show, while filiming on one of the Sweet Apple Lakes, had catches of over 50 fish in excess of 6 lb in just a few hours of fishing. Clearly, it was time to make Sweet Apple Farms fishing available to others who value the finest largemouth bass fishing available.

The lakes opened to the public on February 15, 2005, and the success was immediate.

If you want to experience an exceptional largemouth bass fishing experience, make your reservation at Sweet Apple Farms today!

Please Note: All fishing at Sweet Apple Farms is catch-and-release.

Daniel Moore

"For the serious angler seeking trophy bass, to the dad seeking trophy memories with his kids, Sweet Apple Farms is the place to go. I whole-heartedly recommend it!" - Daniel A. Moore
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